Walton Neigbourhood Plan
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Notes from WNP Steering Group meeting held at Walton Village Hall 

on Tuesday 9th December  2014

Present:  Helen Massey (Chairman), Jonathan Bemrose, John Carlon, Liz Fairclough, Richard Fairclough, Philip Lee,  Norman Parkinson, Phil Roebuck, Dave Rolinson,

Keith Shaw,  John Smith, Richard Tomlinson and Mike Wylie.

Attending:  David Plaut (Clerk to WPC).

Apologies received:  Libby Hall, John Leith, Sheila Leith, Colin Moran &
Carole Crookes (WMDC) and Mike Dando (Planning Aid).

1. Current situation

Helen Massey reported that there were 319 responses to the questionnaire with many people making comments. The drop-in session was well attended with people having a wide variety of reasons for coming. Several newly arrived residents made favourable comments about the village and the work being done on the Neighbourhood Plan.

Dave Rolinson went through the steps taken so far and summarised the results of the consultation both from statutory consultees and from the questionnaires which Karen Rolinson has analysed and documented and which clearly demonstrate that the village is in agreement with the plan.

2. Consultation results

Dave Rolinson presented the responses of the statutory consultees and the questionnaires in tabular form with each response listed and with suggested amendments to be made to the Plan where it is felt appropriate.

Where no amendment to the Plan is felt necessary, the response was noted, welcomed or commented on to provide a record of the decisions taken as a result of the consultation. The Steering Group examined and agreed the suggested amendments and comments.

3. Next steps

The draft plan needs to be amended in light of the responses, typos need to be corrected and other information brought up to date and maps included in order that a Submission Draft can be prepared.

The Submission Draft, together with a Consultation Statement (including all the background detail) and a Basic Condition Statement will then be presented to WMDC who will check it and then arrange to pass it on to an Independent Examiner.

Dave Rolinson undertook to prepare the Consultation Statement and Basic Condition Statement.

4. Action

It was agreed that further title searches need to be done in the areas where the footpath link meets land owned by Waterton Park and that further discussions take place with the owners of Waterton Park to help allay their fears.

It was agreed that the comments in the questionnaires should be give to the Parish Council so that those people who had expressed views could feel that their views are appreciated.

Date of Next Meeting: To be advised.