Walton Neigbourhood Plan
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Notes from WNP Steering Group Meeting held at Walton Village Hall  on Tuesday 13th August 2013.

Present: Helen Massey (Chairman), Steve Baker, Mick Dent, Libby Hall, Philip Lee, Sheila Leith, Colin Moran, Dave Rolinson.

Attending:  Carole Crookes (WMDC), David Plaut (Clerk to WPC).

Apologies received from: Liz Fairclough, Richard Fairclough, Mike Wylie, John Smith, Richard Tomlinson, John Bemrose, Jim Gervasio, Norman Parkinson.

1. Activity since last meeting.

Helen Massey reported on the Walton Gala where a stall was set up to raise awareness of the plan and it was visited by a large number of people and well received. Two people from Planning Aid were there assisting. Thanks to Mike Wylie for helping set up the stall and manning it all day (and taking it down at the end!).

Visitors were given questions and asked to post their answers on large sheets of paper. Some of the responses were:-

·           Question: What do you love about Walton?

·           Answers: Countryside; rural atmosphere; the primary school; lack of congestion, good community feeling.

·           Question: What don't you love about Walton?

·           Answers: Don't want gypsies; people parking on pavements, blocking pathways and obstructing drives; not many facilities for young people; speed restrictions; derelict site of former school; lack of wildflowers; lack of sporting facilities.


·           Question: What would you like in Walton?

·           Answers: More facilities for play and for young people; more litter bins; green space between Walton and Crofton; speed restrictions for vehicles; more shops; more trees.

Leaflets were printed to be handed out and T-shirts printed for those manning the stall. The initial comments were mostly positive. Subsequently, leaflets were placed in the Post Office and most have been taken.

The website is nearly ready and it will have a forum facility which Helen Massey will moderate. Helen would like the website to have on it the names of the members of the Steering Group with the length of time living in the Village. She will approach individual members for their permission.

When the website is up and running, it is hoped that an article will be published in the Wakefield Express giving more information about the plan, the grant and the website.

2. Engagement and key themes.

Dave Rolinson circulated two documents: "Towards a Vision For The Walton Neighbourhood Plan Area" and  a "Community Engagement Strategy" (setting out the stages of the process).

He believed the Vision document interpreted the views expressed at earlier meetings and felt this could be the basis to take the process forward and for use by members of the Steering Group to engage with the various groups identified as a result of the previous seminar with Planning Aid.

Dave Rolinson was asked how the details expressed in the Vision  document which are not directly about development would fit in with the Local Plan.  He answered that the Neighbourhood Plan will be able to stipulate policies around these issues which will then have to be taken into account when the NP is adopted.

It was felt that it would be helpful to have the points listed to discuss and consult rather than blank sheet type open question and answer sessions. It would also be helpful for respondents to be able to indicate their agreement, or otherwise, with the points listed.

It was agreed that the Vision document would be the ideal basis for this and the meeting went through all the points listed and suggested amendments where appropriate.

Dave Rolinson undertook to create a document to formulate the points into a questionnaire that could be printed out at A4 size and be available on-line for printing off.

The resultant questionnaire will be circulated to members of the Steering Group for comment and then issued for use in the engagement process.

It was pointed out that the results of each consultation should be recorded in order to provide evidence in case this is required at the examination stage and to take into account the accessibility or disabilities of respondents.

3. Actions agreed:

i) Allocate consultations with the Groups listed in the Strategy document as follows:

·            Community Groups - Colin Moran and Sheila Leith

·            Business Groups - Tim Howe

·            Environment Groups - John Bemrose and Norman Parkinson

·            Faith Groups - Philip Lee

·            Sporting Groups - Steve Baker

·            Schools Group - John Smith

·            Landowners - Helen Massey

·            Hairdressers & Post Office - Libby Hall

ii) Compile a matrix of contacts for the groups and to pass relevant contact details to members of the Steering Group  - David Plaut.

iii) Produce more leaflets for distribution by members of the Steering Group  and to be made available in the Post Office and the Library - Helen Massey.

iv) Boxes to be prepared for questionnaires to be returned to the Post Office and the Library -  Helen Massey.

v) The Library to be offered as a venue for consultations - Colin Moran.

Next meeting: Tuesday 10th September at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.