Walton Neigbourhood Plan
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Present: Helen Massey (Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group), Jonathan Bemrose, Alan Cottrell, Liz Fairclough, Richard Fairclough, Jim Gervasio, Libby Hall, Norman Parkinson, David Plaut, Phil Roebuck, Dave Rolinson, Richard Tomlinson.

Apologies: Sheila Leith, John Smith, Mike Wylie.


Helen Massey thanked all those attending for showing an interest in developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Walton.

She summarised the background to Neighbourhood Planning and said that the Neighbourhood Plan would require resources both financial and from volunteering.

She distributed copies of the prospectus prepared when the application for the boundary of the plan and the qualifying body was made to WMDC.

Walton Parish Council has been recognised as a qualifying body suitable for preparing a Neighbourhood Plan and the parish boundary is the area covered by the plan and no other organisation can apply for a Neighbourhood Plan in that area.

She showed a map of the area.

She has applied for a grant of £5000 from an organisation called Locality and the Parish Council has set aside some money as well.


Dave Rolinson said that the next step is to do an audit of the village, listing what is good and what is bad and what sort of facilities are missing and what are required.

This then becomes the 'Base Line' from which to work.

The Neighbourhood Plan must conform with WMDC's Local Plan (LDF) but as long as it does conform, anything in the Neighbourhood Plan must be given as much weight as the LDF when considering planning applications. So for example, the NP could propose that the two safeguarded (PAS) sites currently in the village should become green belt.

He suggested that the plan would take about 18 months to prepare. It then needs to be examined and if found suitable, put to a referendum of electors in the village.


Comments from others around the table:

There is the need for a central hub of information for the village, both physical and virtual. There is no central place where all information about events or village information can be accessed.

Businesses in Walton need to be approached and become part of the engagement process.

The impact of the car is a key issue.

The age and other demographics of the village need to be found out.

Thought needs to be given to the future of the village. Should young people be encouraged to stay in the village by the provision of affordable properties, or is it just accepted that the village will become one with an ageing population.

A missing facility is a cashpoint.


Actions required:

Obtain more maps of the area from WMDC showing greater detail          H Massey

Contact Sheila Leith to publicise the Neighbourhood Plan                          J Gervasio

Updated the project timeline                                                                        D Rolinson

Prepare ideas of what facilities are required and in which parts of the village          All


Next Meeting:   Tuesday 11th June and thereafter 2nd Tuesday in the month.