Walton Neigbourhood Plan
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Notes from WNP Meeting held at Walton Village Hall
Tuesday 11th June 2013 7pm

In attendance:

Mike Dando - Planning Aid, Carole Crookes - WMDC

Steering Group Members: Helen Massey, Dave Rolinson, Richard Fairclough , Michael Wylie , Phil Roebuck, Richard Tomlinson, Libby Hall, Philip Lee, John Smith, Jonathan Bemrose, David Pickover, Sheila Leith, Janet Rose,

Apologies: Jim Gervasio, David Plaut, Alan Cottrell, Norman Parkinson, Tim Howe, Steve Baker, Andrew Cousins

H Massey introduced and welcomed Mike Dando and Carole Crookes to the group.

Mike will be the mentor and support to the Steering Group for the next 8 months, dedicating 18 days to our project. This is as a result of the successful bid to the government backed group “Locality”.

 A detailed project plan of the support to be given is attached to these notes. Mike confirmed he has 9 other volunteers who have shown interest from his organisation in helping Walton deliver and progress the plan.

Carole Crookes is the group’s main contact at WMDC and she has been instrumental in guiding us through the process thus far.

H Massey confirmed the £5k funding support was on its way and once received one of the first jobs is to create the Walton Plan website. SR Creative in Wakefield will be building this (they also designed the Walton Neighbourhood Plan logo)

Helen Massey to contact the Wakefield Express and steering group member and local correspondent, Sheila Leith once funding has arrived from Locality.

Dave Rolinson presented a project timeline to the group with timescales and important target dates.

He also presented the Baseline information document which is attached to the email accompanying these notes.

Discussions took place on what members of the group felt were important elements for the plan after receiving a map of the village earlier in the week and those points raised were:

·         The Old railway line that runs behind Greenside / Old LMS Railway line – could this be created into a tree lined wildlife corridor / nature link / cycle track linking Haw Park to Walton Colliery Nature Park?

·         Historical aspects of the village are important; Charles Waterton, architecture, listed buildings, footpaths, the War Memorial,

·         Walton is a “true” village and should be kept that way

·         The Grove and proposed over 55 development should be promoted

·         Lack of a cash point in the village. Perhaps one could be located near the New Inn?

·         Preserve the green boundaries between Crofton and Sandal, Heath

·         Brook Farm proposals to the detriment of the existing sports facilities, tennis club etc

·         Wildlife, Newts? Other endangered species

·         Entrance features in the village – sense of place and arrival when visiting Walton

·         Footpath links – bridging the missing gaps. Link from the village to Crofton only via the very busy Shay Lane – not suitable for children etc.

·         Children’s play space, ageing equipment in the village need replacing shortly.

·         Allotments – requirement for more or replacement facilities.

·         Links with local schools – engage the children in the process


Carole Crookes offered to try and obtain the following:

LDF maps of the village and large scale plans with allocations and

A list of policies relevant to the village.

A list of the Buildings of Local Interest

To look at the Baseline info provided by Dave Rolinson

Business rate information for those businesses in the village

The list of stakeholders already contacted by WMDC for this process.

Evidence base for retail and leisure uses.

Strategic themes.


Mike Dando will send Terms of Reference to Helen Massey to ensure the group are properly constituted.

He also offered to give training on Neighbourhood Planning at the next meeting on 9th July which was well received by the group. All members are welcome to attend and any new persons wishing to become involved. The presentation will take place during the next meeting commencing at 7pm and Mike and his team will undertake workshops with the group to help grow our knowledge of the Neighbourhood planning process and what our next steps are.

Next scheduled meeting dates:

Tuesday 9th July 7pm Walton Village Hall

Tuesday 13th August 7pm Walton Village Hall

Tuesday 10th September 7pm Walton Village Hall

Tuesday 8th October 7pm Walton Village Hall

Tuesday 12th November 7pm Walton Village Hall

Tuesday 10th December 7pm Walton Village Hall