Walton Neigbourhood Plan
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Notes from WNP Steering Group Meeting held at Walton Village Hall  on Tuesday 10th September 2013.


Helen Massey (Chairman), Jonathan Bemrose, Liz Fairclough, Richard Fairclough, Libby Hall, Tim Howe, Philip Lee, Dave Rolinson and Keith Shaw.


Nick Hall (Planning Aid) and David Plaut (Clerk to WPC).


Steve Baker, Alan Cottrell, Andrew Cousins, Mick Dent, Jim Gervasio, Sheila Leith, Colin Moran, Norman Parkinson, David Pickover, Phil Roebuck, John Smith, Richard Tomlinson, Mike Wylie & Carole Crookes (WMDC) and Mike Dando (Planning Aid).

1. Activity since last meeting.

Helen Massey reported the website is live and she has publicised it to: Colin Strachan of the Wakefield Express (and sent him other information); Sheila Leith, who will add an entry in the community column; and 15 people who attended the Gala and left their e-mail addresses.

One resident has registered for the forum (rules exist and Helen Massey will moderate it).

The website has photos supplied by the New Inn and acknowledgement will be displayed on the website.

There are already 20 followers on Twitter.


A data base has been produced and circulated, but Helen Massey stressed that personal information is included and the data must remain confidential.


Helen Massey reminded the meeting that records of all engagements with Stakeholders must be kept, even if the talk is a phone call. These records will be needed for evidence later in the process.


The Stakeholders being contacted are representatives of organisations, and it is the views of the organisation that is being sought. It was recognised that sometimes there will be overlap between the members of the Stakeholder group and individual residents of the village.


The leaflets which were to be printed to give to steering group members when engaging with their allotted Stakeholders have not yet been done.

Libby Hall reported on her contact with Andrew Slater at the Post Office who says there is not enough time before a paper round to insert leaflets for distribution in newspapers. It was agreed the leaflets are no longer needed.


Andrew Slater also pointed out that there is an ATM at the Post Office and that many banks allow cashing of cheques over the Post Office counter, although they don't advertise this.


2. Next Steps.

Dave Rolinson circulated before the meeting a 7 page draft questionnaire for use with individual residents of the village. This was adapted from the Stakeholder one and based on the Tatton Hall model which had received a 20% response rate.

He felt it is time to distribute this questionnaire as the next step in the process and asked members of the Steering Group to review it.                  Action: All


There are approximately 1400 dwellings in the village and it was suggested that up to 2000 be printed depending on costs for print run.                    Action: Helen Massey


The distribution of the questionnaire should be advertised and 2 extra banners bought which can be displayed in the village, together with some A4 posters, alerting people to the need for completing and returning the questionnaire. Action Helen Massey


Questionnaires to be delivered by hand by Steering Group members.

Street delivery plan to be worked out.                                    Action: Dave Rolinson


Boxes for return of forms to be prepared for the Library, Post Office, and Cherry Tree Stores.                                                                                                Action: Dave Rolinson

It was suggested that a time scale be included in the questionnaire to meet the expectations of residents and a prize draw of £50 offered to encourage return of the forms.

The timescale agreed is:

Friday 13th September             Comments on draft given back to Dave Rolinson.

Friday 20th September             Printing and collation of questionnaires.

Saturday 21st September         Collection of questionnaires by members of the Steering

                                               Group for delivery to homes.                            Action: All

Mon 30th September                Completion of delivery of questionnaires.           Action: All

Friday 15th November Deadline for return of forms.

3. Other points:


The database circulated will be kept up to date by David Plaut. Errors, amendments, corrections and omissions should be sent to him.

The list of statutory and other consultees, given by Carol Crookes, should be added to the database.

Structure of the Steering Group.

It was agreed that all those who have so far attended Steering Group meetings be considered members of the Steering Group and listed on the website.

Members need to be aware that conflicts of interest should be declared and, if necessary, members leave the meeting if their direct pecuniary interest is involved in a decision.

Next meeting: Tuesday 8th October  at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.