Walton Neigbourhood Plan
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Notes from WNP Steering Group meeting held at Walton Village Hall 

on Tuesday 8th July  2014. 

Helen Massey (Chairman), John Carlon, Liz Fairclough, Libby Hall, Philip Lee, John Leith, Phil Roebuck, Dave Rolinson and Keith Shaw.

Mike Dando (Planning Aid), Carole Crookes (WMDC) & David Plaut (Clerk to WPC).

Apologies received:

Richard Fairclough, Tim Howe, Sheila Leith, Richard Tomlinson and Mike Wylie.


1. Introduction

Helen Massey welcomed John Carlon as a member of the Steering Group and a representative of the Parish Council.

She drew attention to two achievements as a result of the Questionnaire:

a) the floral displays which are now more evenly spread around the village and, because additional lampposts are licensed to receive the baskets, this gives the opportunity for more displays next year.  There will be advertising for new sponsors once the displays are at their optimum.

b) two extra waste bins have been installed by WMDC and paid for by the Parish Council.  Helen Massey is having stickers prepared which can be attached to the bins showing they have been supported by the Parish Council as part of the Neighbourhood Plan.


2. Walton Gala 26th July

There will be a stall at the Gala and offers of help to run it were received from John Carlon, John Leith, Phil Roebuck and Mike Wylie as well as members of Locality and Planning Aid.

Boards showing the work of the schools will be displayed and it is hoped that drawings/maps will be available by 26th July to illustrate the Plan -  (see also below).


3. Summary Leaflet for residents.

It was agreed that the summary leaflet previously produced would be a good basis. This will be modified taking into account an example provided by Mike Dando from another neighbourhood, updating with the latest changes to the Draft Plan and including more information with links and dates about the consultation process.


4. Drawings/maps

Several issues were raised by Carole Crookes which were holding up production of the drawings because the illustrative maps should only show items that are within the Plan area and some of the footpath routes are currently only indicative. Ways of resolving these issues (Mineral Railway line, Heritage Trail, Historic Core, Nature Park etc)  were suggested and names given to the various footpath links.



5. Draft Plan Update

Dave Rolinson has made a further revision of the Draft Plan following input at the last meeting and feedback from Carole Crookes and Mike Dando to make it more coherent and for the policy wording to be streamlined so that it can be better used in planning documents, reports and decisions.

The policy concerning land at The Grove has been revised to clarify the restrictions imposed by the S106 agreement.

The revised Draft will be circulated to members of the Steering Group.

The Appropriate Assessment Scoping report has been submitted to Natural England for comments to be returned by 29th July.

The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report has been submitted to Natural England' English Heritage and The Environment Agency for comments to be returned by 29th July.

Helen Massey reported on her meeting with a director and the Administrator of the Golf Club who were very supportive of the Plan. They will supply a map of the land under the Golf Club's ownership and which will hopefully show land under the ownership of Waterton Park Hotel with whom she will then also arrange a meeting.


6. Next Steps

A Heritage Assessment needs to be produced to give more substance to the Historic Core and Walton Historic Park. The work was instructed on 3rd July and is being organised by URS and paid for in return for hours not used by Planning Aid. It is scheduled for completion by 31st July.

The Heritage Assessment should refer to WMDC's list of 'Buildings of Local Interest' and could provide ammunition for the route of HS2 to be slightly altered.


7. Consultation

According to the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations, before submitting a proposed Plan to WMDC, the Plan must be publicised to various bodies (Reg 14a) and other bodies have to be consulted (Reg 14b).

The meeting delegated Philip Lee and David Plaut to compile a list of names and addresses that conforms to the Regulations using, as a basis, the list of consultees used by WMDC and provided by Carole Crookes.

The Summary Leaflet will be sent to each household and business in Walton as part of meeting  Reg 14a.

David Plaut undertook to draft appropriate accompanying letters.

Carole Crookes advised that each response should be given a unique reference to maintain an audit trail of responses.


8. Grant Funding

Helen Massey reported that the time scale for the first grant funding has expired, and she has applied for a re-allocation of costs and an extension which have been granted to end September. Further extensions may be required.

Mike Dando said that Planning Aid support which currently finishes at the end of December, is automatically cut off with the start of the six week consultation period, so will need to be re-applied for.


9. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Phil Roebuck left the meeting at this point because of a conflict of interest.

WMDC are consulting on the charging structure for a proposed CIL.

The meeting did not add any comment to the one decided by the Parish Council at its meeting the previous week.

Next meeting: Tuesday 12th August