Walton Neigbourhood Plan
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Notes from WNP Steering Group meeting held at Walton Village Hall 

on Tuesday 8th April  2014.

Helen Massey (Chairman), Liz Fairclough, Richard Fairclough, Libby Hall, Tim Howe, Philip Lee, Sheila Leith, Colin Moran, Phil Roebuck, Dave Rolinson, Keith Shaw, John Smith, Richard Tomlinson and Mike Wylie.

Apologies: John Leith

David Plaut (Clerk to WPC).


1. Meeting with WMDC Planning Officers

Helen Massey reported on a two hour meeting she and Dave Rolinson had with Neville Ford (WMDC Planning Service Manager), Richard Hollinson (WMDC Spatial Policy Manager) and Martin Clay from WMDC. Carole Crookes  is still on sick leave.

The meeting was an informal review of the Draft Plan and was very positive.

WMDC agreed to provide the Steering Group with maps and possibly even provide more technical versions of the plans and drawings in the Draft Plan.

WMDC think that the listing of Walton heritage assets provided by Richard Fairclough provides sufficient evidence. There are already a number of books written about the village and the list, which  summarises the important people and buildings in the village, makes reference to them. WMDC's Conservation Officer may be able to help in providing the heritage report.

WMDC agree that the habitat report provides a sufficient evidence base.

It was recognised that the demographic of the village is an ageing one and it is felt more focus on this aspect may be needed. In particular, that the lifetime standards used in any housing development should adapt to the needs of people as they grow older.

More evidence is required relating to the travel plans of children travelling between Walton Primary School, Crofton Academy, Kettlethorpe and St Thomas a Becket schools.

WMDC are working on their Leisure, Recreation and Open Spaces policy and, if Walton have identified links in the village, then these plans will be included.

The PAS areas are resources for the whole district and, of the 15 areas designated, only 5 are in villages and 2 of these are in Walton. Whilst Walton can shape its own policies, the policies cannot contravene LDF strategy. Nevertheless, there is a contradiction since the strategy states that any development in a village is limited to 10 dwellings.

The situation is also somewhat illogical since one of the PAS areas is already deliverable (The Grove).

To justify moving the remaining PAS  area into Green Belt means showing there are changed circumstances. This is the one element of the Draft Plan that still needs resolving to both party's satisfaction in order to get agreement to the plan. Once agreement is achieved, the Canals and Rivers Trust can be approached.



2. Next Stages

Before WMDC can formally review the Draft Plan, the plan needs to be sent to Statutory Consultees.

In the meantime, there is nothing to prevent the Draft Plan being circulated and publicised.

Mike Dando has confirmed he will not charge £1,500 to vet the Draft Plan after all but, because of his heavy schedule, the earliest appointment with him seems to be in June.

Other meetings required, and previously listed, are still ongoing.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be on Tuesday 13th May 7pm.

Future meeting dates: 10th June, 8th July.