Walton Neigbourhood Plan
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Notes from WNP Steering Group meeting held at Walton Village Hall 

on Tuesday 12th August  2014.

Helen Massey (Chairman), John Carlon, Philip Lee,  Dave Rolinson, Keith Shaw and John Smith.

Carole Crookes (WMDC) & David Plaut (Clerk to WPC).

Apologies received:

Jonathan Bemrose, Liz Fairclough, Richard Fairclough, Richard Tomlinson and Mike Wylie, Phil Roebuck


1. Walton Gala 26th July

Helen Massey thanked all those from the Steering Group who helped at the Gala and also Nick Hall from Planning Aid who attended most of the day. The Gala was well attended and the schoolchildren were particularly interested in seeing their contributions on display.


2. Current situation

Dave Rolinson reported that the Draft Plan is virtually ready for distribution.

The Heritage Assessment has been prepared by URS (paid for by Planning Aid) and, on its receipt, may lead to some small modification to the Plan after which the Plan can be finalised.

Responses to the Appropriate Assessment Screening report and the Sustainability Appraisal (Incorporating SEA Assessment) Scoping Report which were sent out for consultation in mid-June to the various Statutory Consultees were received:

·           English Heritage has no comment.

·           Natural England has agreed that  the Neighbourhood Plan does not require an Appropriate Assessment for habitats.

·           Natural England and the Environment Agency made comments which have been incorporated in the Initial Sustainability Appraisal that will be sent out for consultation with the Draft Plan.

There are 7 documents that comprise the Plan package and all are virtually ready:

·           Draft Plan itself

·           Initial Sustainability Appraisal (prepared by Carole Crookes)

·           Appropriate Assessment screening report

·           Heritage Assessment with endorsement for Walton Historic Park and the Urban Core as a conservation area

·           Ecology document

·           Proposals maps (prepared by WMDC)

·           Socio-Economic Plan report.



3. Next steps

The next stage is to proceed (in accordance with the Regulations) to consultation with the Statutory Consultees and to publicity to interested parties including landowners for a minimum of 6 weeks by means of the leaflet drop, letters and  publicity in the local press and with banners.

Once responses have been received from the consultation, the Plan needs to take comments into account and a consultation statement written.

The Plan can then be submitted to WMDC, the Local Planning Authority.


4. Summary Leaflet

Helen Massey circulated the leaflet that she had prepared for the Gala. Members of the Group commented that it would be helpful to simplify it still further to make it comprehensible to a wider cross-section of people.

In order for people to make representations on the leaflet, the policies should be given numbers to which respondents can refer.


5. Consultation

Phil Lee, John Carlon and David Plaut have filtered the consultees list from the one received from Carole Crookes to 96 addresses to include 72 statutory consultees (as Regulation 14b) and 24 interested parties (as Regulation 14a) .

It was agreed that:

·           businesses at private addresses in Walton would receive a letter even if they were also due to get a leaflet drop.

·           WMDC needs to be added to the list of consultees (as Regulation 14c).

·           the Ward Councillors would be treated as interested parties.

·           notification of the issuing of the Plan for consultation should be sent to all WMDC councillors and publicity sought in the local press - a contact at the Wakefield Express is needed.

·           a consultation event would be held.


David Plaut has drafted accompanying letters to go :

·           with publicity to interested parties and the leaflet drop (Reg 14a).

·           to consultees (Reg 14b).

These need to be modified to make mention of the Initial Sustainability Appraisal and the consultation event.

David Plaut has also drafted a Consultation Representation Form which needs further modification.

The accompanying letters assume that people will be able to make representations directly on-line, and if this is to happen, the facility needs to be set up on the website.


It was agreed that quotes be obtained from an appropriate firm to produce a package which:

·           incorporates photographic enhancements to the Draft Plan

·           makes the Summary Leaflet more user friendly

·           reviews the consultation accompanying letters

·           enables an interactive facility on the website for responses.


John Carlon, Dave Rolinson and Helen Massey to co-ordinate this.


6. Timetable

To allow time for the full 6 week consultation, documentation needs to be sent out, and all leaflets dropped, prior to the commencement of the consultation period.

Exact timings to be agreed at the next meeting, but a tentative target is to start the consultation at the beginning of October.

Next meeting: Tuesday 9th September 7pm Walton Village Hall