Walton Neigbourhood Plan
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3rd December 2015 - Referendum date

Having collated everyones final comments and consulting you all again, we submitted our final version of the Walton Neighbourhood Plan in conjunction with support from Wakefield Council to an Independent Examiner. That scrutiny process has been finalised and the Examiner has supported Walton's vision for the next 12 years!

Wakefield Council have given us the green light to head towards the referendum, so for one last time, we will be asking you to step out and vote in favour of the Walton Neighbourhood Plan. Your Village, Your Plan, Your Vote!!! 

Any future planning applications within Walton will have to accord with the Neighbourhood Plan if a favourable majority is reached at the referendum stage. Your continued support is vital.

This is fantastic news for the residents of Walton, and our plan is one of the first Neighbourhood Plans in Yorkshire to reach this stage!

Thank you for your contributions and support and please vote on 3rd December 2015. The future of planning decisions in Walton is in your hands