Walton Neigbourhood Plan
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What's in the Walton Neighbourhood Plan? Click here to download and see: Walton Neighbourhood Plan 2014-2026

To see all the documents relating to the Walton Neighbourhood Plan please go to the Wakefield Council website:

http://www.wakefield.gov.uk/about-the-council/elections/current-elections/walton-neighbourhood-planning-referendum   (please note this will redirect you away from this website)

Previous documents below:

To see the Independent Examiners Report please click here: Examiners Report

To see the Summary of Representations: Summary of Representations

To see the Statement of General Information: Statement of General Information

To see the proposals map please click here: Map

To see the Basic Conditions and Compliance Statement click here: Basic Conditions

To see the Initial Sustainability Appraisal please click here: Initial Sustainability Appraisal

All the downloads are in pdf format. You can download the Adobe pdf reader here (external website) :


If you are experiencing difficulties with any of the documents, please email waltonplan@gmail.com